concentrated leather cream cleaner that feeds, cleans & cares for all grades, styles of leather in one easy application. Either for weekly maintenance or cleaning leather that is heavily Ingrained. Leathered is ideal for most leather products including furniture, upholstery, automotive, jackets, bags boots & saddles. Leathered leather cleaner is not suitable for suede nu-buck or sheepskin.

One application of our Special formulation cleans conditions and feeds all styles or grades of leather.
It is NOT suitable for suede nubuck or sheepskin.

Directions For Use:
Apply Leathered onto a sponge. DO NOT DILUTE. Massage the sponge into the leather item to be treated and leave for about 20 minutes or longer if preferred. This will allow the leather to absorb the formulation. Then using a soft cloth, (For best results use lint free ) buff the leather. For ingrained and heavy soil areas, rub the area to be treated with a soft brush, using our special formulation to loosen and lift off any marks. Wipe off immediately ensuring the dirt does not soak back into the leather with the lotion. Repeat as many times as necessary. When the heavily affected area is clean apply the lotion as previous instructed and buff as before.

Available Pack Size: 1 x 500ml