Microbiological cleaner for urinals & washrooms Bioact is designed for the cleaning of toilets and toilet areas and is specially formulated to provide residual action against washroom odours. The product comprises biodegradable surfactants for cleaning and a three part biological system. Bioact eliminates urine smell in and around toilets and urinals. Particularly useful in schools, pubs etc, it also helps neutralise the smell of vomit and faeces. It is effective on all surfaces including vinyl, tiles, concrete etc.


Directions For Use:
Shake well before use. Use as supplied, spray area thoroughly, wipe of excess off with damp cloth, re spray cleaned area and allow to dry. Toilets, WC's, Tiles, Splash backs and sinks use as above. Floors, dilute 1-3 in bucket, mop as normal. Re spray cleaned area and allow to dry. Note. The re spray leaves a reside odour eliminator to deal with problems that arise between cleaning. DO NOT USE WITH OTHER CHEMICALS

Available Pack Size: 5 Litre