Orange Power

Orange Power

Natural citrus oil degreaser for heavy duty cleaning. Free from petroleum solvents. Effective. Simply Spray on and rinse off with water. Economical.

Cleaning Tips: Limonene products cannot be used on styrene, natural rubber, or lacquer finishes. If there is any question as to whether the surface may be harmed, first clean a small test area. For stubborn stains and soils please let the cleaning solution sit on the surface several minutes. After cleaning rinse surface with cold water

Directions For Use:
Instructions: Dilute with the appropriate amount of water 1:4 depending on the application. This is where ORANGE POWER is really economical because for most general purpose light to medium uses (floors, kitchen and other work surfaces, carpets, car wash, etc.) only 60 ml of cleaner per 5 ltr of water is needed. The solution may be applied to surface with a rag or sponge, or sprayed onto the surface with a suitable trigger sprayer. For heavy duty applications (grease, blood, crayon, BBQ grills, etc.) use dilutions of up to 1 to 4 part water

Available Pack Size: 5 Litre