Biobin is a highly effective granular blend designed to solve problems associated with kitchen bins, wheelie bins and dustbins. The unique biological formulation consists of a unique biodegradable polymer base which absorbs liquid on contact, soaking up odour-causing liquids and preventing leakage of damaged bin bags. A bacterial compost accelerator which produces enzymes to dramatically increase the rate of degradation of organic waste. This reduces bulk volume and eliminates odours at source. A high-quality citrus fragrance which acts immediately against the initial odour problem until the biology takes effect.

Kitchen bins, wheelie bins and dustbins.

Directions For Use:
Sprinkle into new empty bin bags for a starter dose, and apply to each fresh load of waste. The amount should be enough to be visible on the surface of the waste. If the waste is particularly wet or already emitting unpleasant odours, a double application may be necessary.

Available Pack Size: 500 g shaker bottle, 3 kg tub with scoop, 12.5 kg bag or 1 tonne bigbags.