Washroom Cleaner

Washroom Cleaner

Proven to kill a broad range of bacteria, including; Salmonella ans E.coli,Ideal for: Bathrooms, Floors, Tiles, Walls, Work Surfaces, Taps, Fitments. Leaves a fresh fragrant atmosphere.

For the regular cleaning of ceramics, painted surfaces, stainless steel, floors, all non-porous surfaces in hotels, sports complexes, conference centres, institutions etc. Use throughout the washroom on washbasins, mirrors and stainless steel urinals. Suitable for poolside cleaning.

Directions For Use:
For regular cleaning dilute1 part with 40 parts warm or cold water and use with a mop or cloth. For trigger spray use dilute 1 part to 4 parts water for body fat and lime scale removal in baths, showers, sinks and taps. Simply wipe or brush on and rinse off. Correct dosage saves costs and minimises environmental impacts.

Available Pack Size: 5 Litre