Platinum Professional Toilet Cleaner

Platinum Professional Toilet Cleaner

A delicately balanced perfumed toilet maintainer which will leave your toilets fresh and clean. Used regularly it will maintain toilets to a clean and hygienic condition.

Ideal for cleaning toilets, urinals, safe for use on stainless steel.

Directions For Use:
REGULAR CLEANING: Apply evenly above the water line and around the rim. Leave for 10-15 minutes before flushing the toilet.
URINALS: Apply directly to the surface of the urinal with mop applicator, agitate as necessary to remove stubborn stains. Leave to flush and rinse out applicator. N.B. Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, chrome or enamel. Do not leave neat material in prolonged contact; always rinse off

Available Pack Size: 12 x 750ml